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Fret Dress

Fret “dress” includes precision level, re-crown and polish of your instrument’s frets along with complete adjustment of truss rod, string height (action) and intonation. This work will minimize fret buzz, eliminate fret pitting and divits, and improve your overall tone!  

Full Refret

Complete Refret - Complete replacement of all frets with new ones.  Includes fingerboard and fret leveling, crowning, and polishing of frets. Full refret often requires replacement of existing nut due to the new fret heights. 

Neck Reset

The key to a great sounding guitar is neck angle. The angle of the neck is very important, as you need good break angle across the saddle to achieve good tone. The taller the saddle, the better the angle hence the top of the guitar will respond better with increased volume and tone. Also, poor neck angle will show up in the form of high action, making it difficult to play. Acoustic guitars will settle after so many years, and it is common for some guitars to need a neck reset after years of faithful service. 

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