Boyles Custom Guitars 

Boyles Custom Guitars is founded around a passion for music and a desire to inspire you with an exceptional guitar. Playing a guitar that is tailored to you can make a tremendous difference. My #1 priority for my guitars, is to inspire you to make amazing music. Whether you are a professional guitarist, in a bar band, dedicated hobbyist or a guitar collector, you will love the way your guitar feels and sounds because it is made just for you, using the best materials and components available.

Boyles Guitars are designed and built with one goal in mind – enable you to play and create better music. Reach new limits with a custom made guitar designed with your unique tastes and preferences built into the instrument itself. I want your inspiration and the tone you imagine in your head to effortlessly flow onto the fretboard and out through your speakers. These are custom instruments that you can’t find on the wall of your local guitar store. Both body and neck are hand-carved. Not machine cut-outs.